Healthy Eating and Snacks

Snack time

At Coaley playgroup, snack time is a social time for both children and adults. It provides a time where we can try a variety of new and our favourite foods. In addition to this, we learn new skills such as pouring our own drinks and social skills such as asking, practising our manners and sharing news with our friends.

We provide a variety of food which covers the four main food groups.

Fresh water is available at all times.

Milk is provided through the Cool Milk Nursery Milk scheme and each child is entitled to 1/3 pint of milk per session. All staff follow the guidelines of Safer Food, Better Business and have a level two in Food Allergy and 

Food preparation training.

We display all known allergens contained in the snacks we provide.

Lunch time- We ask that children are provided with a healthy lunch box.

For help and advice on what to pack please use the follow link