Keeping Safe at Playgroup

There are many ways on which we aim to keep our children safe at Coaley village playgroup.


Coaley village playgroup has completed a range of risk assessments to ensure the safety of your children. These risk assessments include daily visual checks to more comprehensive assessments of the building, resoures and equipment, food and each area of the playgroup. These are available to read upon request.


As you drop off your child in the morning, you will be asked to sign your child in and make a note of the time. This system also applies at the end of the session.


Coaley Village playgroup welcomes visitors, such as prospective families, other professionals or guests during special events. We ask all visitors to sign the visitors book. All visitors will wear a badge and will be supervised at all times.


To access the playgroup area of the school, you will need to ring the doorbell on the keycoded gate.

Once the session has started, both wooden gates will remain shut and locked.

All children will be within sight and hearing of an adult at all times.


As part of your welcome pack we ask for the contact details of anyone who is authorised to collect your child during the morning. We will not allow any child to leave with anyone who is not on the list and the child's parent / carer will be contacted. There may be a time when someone else is collecting your child, please let a member of staff know as soon as possible. We even operate a password system that is unique to each child.